Welcome to Dark River Studios…

The Largest Professional Recording Studio in Central Illinois

A 2100 sq ft, full production recording, mixing, and mastering facility. Featuring Pro Tools HD3, with mics like Neumann, Royer, and Brauner, and outboard gear from Tube Tech, Universal Audio, and Charter Oak, and much more.  At Dark River Studios everything we do is real.  No fake drums, or guitar sims.  Getting fantastic drum sounds comes from mic’ing up a kit in our great sounding live room, not from store bought drum sample packs.  We believe that this is an important part of giving your music its own signature sound that helps you stand out in a sea of music that all can sound alike thanks to so many artists and producers using the same sounds. From producing to mixing and mastering, we focus on what is best for the song, and our goal is to provide artists, no matter how popular or unknown, with the highest quality recording services. Dark River Studios is located downtown Peoria Illinois on the famed river front. We offer full recording, producing, mixing, and mastering services, at a quality and price that can’t be beat. New clients can take advantage of our great trial offer which allows them to experience what we can do, mixing and/or mastering, at no risk to them.

Hybrid Mixing

We believe that Hybrid Mixing (using computer based software along with high end outboard gear) is the way of the future. A huge console is cool and might sound good, but it takes far too long to recall a mix. The maintenance needed on a large format console is also expensive; recall time and maintenance creates higher rates for you, the consumer. With a hybrid setup, we take software (Pro Tools) and use some of the best quality plugins available, paired with optimal rack gear. This keeps that warm analogue sound that everyone is after, but makes jumping from song to song, or project to project, quick and easy, creating a positive working environment that is inspiring to create in.

Check out pictures and gear list’s on the studio pages, as well as bio’s and audio from each of our staff members. Feel free to contact us for rates and availability, or any other questions you may have.

Also don’t forget to watch our blog for tutorials and info on everything from gear and instrument repair, to mixing and mastering!

From that half written song you’ve had for years, to that radio ready masterpiece, we will help you go as far as you want to take your music!

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